Our hardwood floors are taken from trees of great beauty
and age, sourced from forests across Europe.

Many of these trees have been nurtured throughout generations, planted by our Great, Great Grandfathers, and cared for over the past 100 years.

Most of our collections ore oak, highly versatile wood giving floors of light, smooth, even grain but by careful selection different characters and profiles can be created from a rustic cottage feel to a contemporary finish.

From tree to high technology. Keeping the beauty and a unique character that can only be produced by nature the wood is processed and enhanced for the modern home. Backing added to some ranges to allow it to expand and contract with the temperature differences of under floor heating. The surface coated in the most modem oils, lacquers and varnished to give subtle variations of sheen and hue. The varnishes give protection and strength to help prevent damage from sunlight and every day wear.


Generations to create; many life times to enjoy.

Furlong Wood Flooring takes most of woods from the huge forests of Europe, taking advantage of the variety and quality of the oak trees that are grown there.

We are keen to take part in sustainable forest management and attach particular importance to the traceability of our floors, from the growing of the raw material in the forests to its sale in the shop.